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Key Extraction

Got Problem with Your Key and You Need Help for Extraction?

Everyone in the family is excited to start the beach holiday and each member wakes up very early in the morning. As you insert the key in the ignition, you are surprised when it suddenly breaks. Everyone begins to feel disappointed. One of your brothers, because of his excitement, tells you to just try to start the car and deal with the problem later so as not to ruin their excitement. That’s not a good idea. You may only make matters work. Call Locksmith El Cajon CA and our locksmith technicians will solve the issue in only a few minutes to half an hour. We will make sure that you and your family will be able to hit the beach in time. Our key extraction service is fast and affordable. Our emergency service allows us to avoid ruining vacation plans, meetings, events and others because of broken key problems. We make use of the finest extractor tools that will make it possible for us to remove the key from the ignition or door lock without difficulty. Our rates will not even hurt your budget for the beach holiday. Fortunately, you do not have to hire a towing company as we will be the one to go to your place – another saving on your part and another reason for you to be happy with our excellent service. In the event that you have no spare key, just inform us beforehand and we will create a new key for your car. Talk to our customer service staff now.

Broken Key from an Ignition Lock or Car Door Lock? Call Us for Extraction Service

Never attempt to start your car when the key breaks. It may already look like an achievement on your part if you are able to do so, but don’t you know that things may only get worse? You are only pushing the key further back and this will make the process of broken key extraction difficult. Call our expert locksmith technicians the moment you broke the key and we will get the key off the ignition without damaging its parts. If you are in luck, it may not be necessary to look for a replacement for the ignition cylinder. Our broken key removal kit is complete thus we can get the job done faster than our competitors. We will only lubricate the lock, insert the extraction tool into the lock, catch the damaged key then slide it out. After this, we will carefully check the broken key to see if there are pieces still stuck inside. The process only takes between 20 and 30 minutes. After this, you can use your spare key or hire us to produce you a new car key so you can drive your car again. The same thing goes if your problem is the damaged key inside the car door lock. Get in touch with us now and our customer service staff will immediately take your call. Tell us your location and we will send our locksmith technician right away. We offer emergency service thus you can hire us any time of the day and night.

Why Hire Us in El Cajon CA?

Our key extraction El Cajon service is offered at a flat fee thus you should not worry because you will see no extra charges in your bill. We are transparent with our charges that you will see everything – from the job details to the prices – in the statement. In case of additional services, such as the production of a new key, we will seek your approval of the cost to avoid misunderstanding. No worries, though, because our rates are affordable. We want to make sure that everyone has access to the services of Shark Locksmith. We have been serving El Cajon CA and nearby areas for several years already and in that span of time, we have already earned a good reputation as a trusted locksmith company. Our client base continues to grow because our satisfied customers recommend us to their families, friends, co-workers, neighbors and even acquaintances. Our locksmith technicians are all well-trained and their knowledge is continuously updated as we send them to training and seminars. The company is also up-to-date with the use of the latest technologies in the locksmith industry to ensure faster and better service. Every team member is also trained to treat customers with respect, work promptly and to act professionally and at the same time friendly to earn the trust of clients. Soon as you call us, we will send our locksmith technicians over in only a matter of minutes because we value the time of our customers. This is also the reason we never fail to achieve client satisfaction.

What Causes Car Keys to Break

It’s your date night. No bad thing should transpire. Unfortunately, your car key breaks! This is not surprising as it happens to anyone. But what causes broken key? There can be numerous reasons. Wear and tear can be a reason for breakage. However, if you are constantly monitoring the condition of your key and you begin to notice cracks, you may have already paid for a key replacement or duplicate key service and avoided the key from getting stuck in the ignition or door lock. Don’t ever try to remove it yourself using tweezers as recommended by some DIY articles or allow someone who’s not a professional to do it. You will only cause more damage not only to the ignition lock but also to your car. The repair that would have been limited to broken key extraction will progress to broken ignition lock cylinder and who knows what else will happen. Another reason can be that the ignition lock cylinder is damaged or there’s dirt or hair that blocks the opening of the ignition. We offer the best car locksmith services including the removal of broken key and we do not say this all because we want to gain clients but because our highly satisfied clients say so. With our high-quality and affordable service, plus the courteousness and friendliness of our staff and locksmith technicians, we are able to gain the trust of our clients. Call us now and let us prove what we say.

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