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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider professional services over DIY inspection?

For doing the task alone, you may have simply relied on your own beliefs and instincts. This will surely result to worse problems. For an instance, changing the codes will have an impact on the entire system. If you forgot the codes you entered, you will only end up miserable and stressed.
If you avail services from the skilled and experienced technicians, plenty of benefits will come on your way. Lock inspection done by the experts will give an outstanding outcome.

What are the available services of your firm?

Shark Locksmith is highly capable in the aspect of installation, maintenance, repair, and related services. Specifically, locksmiths will take care of your locks, keys, and other tools associated with security system. Electronic products are guaranteed to be on proper condition on a long span of time. With our team’s dedication, there is an assurance all issues will be given attention.
We also handle services connected with residential and commercial properties. This manifests the firm’s versatility when it comes to the offered services. In addition, we are also knowledgeable of fixing car keys. You won’t ask for more if you collaborate with this company.

What are the basic signs that I need to seek your help?

When your residential property is not anymore safe from intruders due to a lock damage, you must cast your hesitations.
For a key you’ve lost anywhere, you should not wait until the next day come. Rekeying is an option if you want to ensure the safety of your family. A thief may attempt to enter your home while the occupants are sleeping.
If you are accidentally locked within your home, office or car, it is ideal to call for emergency services.
Certainly, you would not want to stay locked forever. It is always applicable to have a quick response to the issues you discovered. Waiting for a miracle will leave you burdened.

Are there special fees and additional payment after the completion of the project?

We do not charge customers with too expensive rates. Shark Locksmith is aware that most clients are practical in the aspect of availing any kind of service. It is no longer applicable to spend much money on simple repairs, right? The firm will be trustworthy companion that will never lead you to poverty.

Is there a possibility to have a single key for multiple locks?

With the expertise of our team, a single key can be used for many locks within your vicinity. There’s no need to keep plenty of keys for the entire property. It is more convenient to contact us for the arrangement of schedule.

Do you offer services on cutting keys?

Considering the fact that we have long years of experience in the industry, the locksmiths already mastered the skill of cutting keys. You will no longer have worries on how to fit your keys to the previous locks.

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